History of NUML Rawalpindi

A great journey from APCOMS to recent NUML- RWP, starts from Lt. Gen. Muhammad Afzal Janjua, who back in 1999 envisioned the making of an academic institution of higher learning. This institution was conceived as one that would offer professional education both to the wards of the armed forces and civilian counter parts. The aptly proactive thinking and execution on the part of the administrative team resulted in the inception of APCOMS in 1999. The immense contribution of all the individuals, pioneered to initial 40 aspirants, played their unprecedented roles in the making of APCOMS is overwhelmingly gargantuan and highly commendable.

APCOMS’ ingenuity got its practical display with the launch of its programs in Software Engineering and MBA in 2000 and 2002 respectively, followed by BETE and BEEE in 2003and 2004 respectively. APCOMS’ affiliation with NUML in 2001 provided the requisite foundation for moving forward. APCOMS thus thrust forth with professionals who set their eyes to epitomized maxim “Looking beyond future”!

The instrumental leadership of pioneers enabled APCOMS’ growth manifold. One of the most momentous event was APCOMS’ 1st Convocation held on 12 April 2004. A yet another boost to the fledging institution came when NUST’s faculty was granted permission for teaching at APCOMS. Allocation of land for the new campus in 2004, by GHQ on Khadim Hussain Road; allotment of 18.4 Kanals land and construction of five quarters for MVH to accommodate APCOMS’ requirements. Through this brief journey APCOMS’ administrative control at one point in time was transferred to HQ AAD Comd and later on transferred to HRD Directorate in Nov 2009. The APCOMS’ dream turned into reality with the commencement of its campus construction in April 2008-10 is an embodiment of indefatigable spirit and contribution of its Seniors.

To facilitate the local aspirants with quality and higher education, on larger and wider scale at home ground, on August 19, 2020, APCOMS status was replaced with National University of Modern Languages - RWP Branch, under the banner of NUML- ISB. Another milestone was hit by offering the Faculty of English & Social Sciences; MS/MPhil programs in English Linguistics and Literature. To manage the intricacies of management and university affairs, motivated, enthusiastic and well-groomed faculty and administration is burning midnight oil round the clock. Undoubtedly, establishment of NUML- RWP is a small step for learning and contributions but a giant leap for mankind and new horizons. The dream of yester years has certainly come true as NUML- RWP of today; but the tenacious journey continues....