HOD Message

Welcome to the department of Mathematics

Since antiquities Mathematics has had a special place in the daily as well as academic lives of the mankind. This subject is rightly called the “Mother of all Sciences”, as without its involvement no science can come into being, or flourish. I strongly believe that nobody becomes prominent Engineer/Scientist without significant knowledge of Mathematics.

Our mission is to provide an exciting place for our undergraduate and graduate students to learn and do research in mathematical sciences. We are achieving our objectives with the help of significantly experience faculties.

Members of our department bring together research and teaching expertise from a wide range of areas in pure applied and computational Mathematics. Various research groups have been formed in the department in order to have the research culture and enhance more research collaborations at national and international level.

On behalf of faculty and staff, I welcome you to the department of Mathematics NUML University Rawalpindi.

Dr. Sadia Riaz

Head of Department (Mathematics)

An Overview

The Department of Mathematics at NUML Rawalpindi is working under Faculty of Engineering Sciences, NUML Rawalpindi. The aim of Mathematics Department is to provide the highest level of quality education in the field of Pure, Applied and Computational Mathematics along with current development in mathematical research. The department offers BS Mathematics (morning & afternoon) program.

The department of Mathematics is committed to provide excellent teaching services to all other departments in NUML Rawalpindi. It aspires to promote understanding of Mathematics through teaching and research and inculcate in students the attributes of logical and critical thinking.

BS(Mathematics) WEF Spring 2020

BS Mathematics program is designed for students who want to pursue their study in the field of Mathematics. It is a wide-ranging bachelor degree program which includes subjects like Calculus, Discrete Mathematics, Elementary Number Theory, Real Analysis, Analytical Mechanics etc. Our BS Mathematics degree program is carefully designed with a thoughtful selection of courses from applied, pure, financial, and computational domains of mathematics in the light of guidelines provided by the HEC. The program spans over four years (eight semesters) and comprises 42 courses + project with 132 credit hours.