HOD Message

Welcome to the department of Software Engineering.

Software Engineering is a vast, dynamic and promising computing discipline which combines the best of science and engineering. Department of Software Engineering at NUML Rawalpindi understands the international and national needs of qualified software engineers, hence offering up to date undergraduate programs in the field of Software Engineering.We have an outstanding faculty, working as a team with a sense of ownership.blessed with futuristic vision, encouraging management, knowledgeable faculty and cooperative staff; our department strives to provide a cherished learning experience to its students.

Dr. Saima Nazir

Head of Department (SE)

An Overview

Software Engineering is the discipline of creating high-quality software environment in a systematic, controlled and efficient manner, while maintaining it affordably. It involves the application of engineering concepts, techniques, and methods to develop the software systems. A software engineering program develops professionals who have a mastery of software development principles, theory, practice, and process. The goal of Software Engineering is to use the science and technology already available to create products and tools for use. The curriculum for the bachelor degree program covers all essentially needed areas, e.g., Software Engineering, Computer Sciences and Software Quality and Testing while paying special attention towards Mathematics, Physics and Communication Skills.

Graduates of the Department of Software Engineering will be recognized as innovative leaders in the fields of software engineering. This recognition will come from their work in software development in a myriad of application areas, as well as through their work in advanced study and research. The faculty is, and will continue to be, known for their passion for teaching and for their knowledge, expertise, and innovation in advancing the frontiers of knowledge in software engineering.

Our mission is to teach and prepare liberally educated, articulate, and skilled software engineers for leadership and professional careers and for advanced study. A central objective of our program is to contribute to society by advancing the fields of software engineering through innovations in teaching and research, thus enhancing student knowledge through interactive instruction, global engagement, and experiential learning. The program will serve as a resource to inform society about innovations related to the production and uses of software.